Done-for-You Keyword Research Service


Done-for-you keyword research, performed by keyword research specialists.

This isn’t Fiverr-level. These are hand-picked keywords that can actually move the needle for your website.

And each one is accompanied by details that you will actually benefit from knowing. 

Things like search volume, the number of user generated content (forums, Reddit, Quora, etc.) results on page one, the DA of the lowest DA site ranking on page one (basically, the competition level), how well the search intent is matched, and what type(s) of SERP features appear.

This is what you can expect (feel free to steal these keywords):

jeep wrangler niche keywords

The above example is for the “jeep wrangler” niche.

Let’s try a more difficult one. How about the “credit card” niche:

credit card niche keywords

That’s right, even in ultra-competitive niches there are still plenty of opportunities we can uncover. 

But of course, it takes a considerable amount of time to vet every single keyword to make sure it’s got real potential.

You don’t have time for that. You’ve got a business to run!

Enter Curated Keywords. We’ll handle all your keyword research, treating it with the same level of attention and care we put into our own sites. 


We put serious time and effort into our keyword research, focusing on quality over quantity. So we’re not “cheap”, but you get what you pay for 😉

  • 10 keywords – $80
  • 25 keywords – $175
  • 50 keywords – $300

If you need more, just order multiple packages.

Turnaround Time:

Currently, our TAT per package is:

  • 10 keywords – 3 days
  • 25 keywords – 5 days
  • 50 keywords – 7 days

If you order multiple packages, just add up the number of days per package for an approximate turnaround time.

How to Order/Contact:

To place an order, select a package below and fill out the order form.

We’ll begin doing keyword research for you as soon as the full payment is received. That’s also when the TAT kicks in.

To contact us with questions, reach out to


We’re a brand new service, but already received the following review from an OG member of the BuSo forum:

curated keywords review


We’ll do keyword research for any innocent, non-controversial, G-rated niches. If your niche doesn’t objectively fall into all three of those categories, chances are we won’t accept it. But feel free to send an email if you’re unsure!

No. Imagine if a client ordered 10 keywords in the “pet” niche. Then we’d be stuck, unable to provide “pet” niche keywords to anyone else, or to continue building our own pet niche sites.

With that said, we’ll do our best to make sure clients receive unique keywords. We just can’t guarantee it. So if you and another client both received the same keyword, you’ll just have to battle it out in the game of SEO 🙂

We use the Keyword Surfer extension.

If you don’t specify a search volume range in your order, we may provide some ZSV keywords. But there’s a good reason for this. We all know search volume estimates are just that – estimates. They serve as a good guide, but cannot be relied on. Some tools say a certain keyword has zero estimated search volume, when in reality the traffic you would get from that keyword is hundreds or thousands per month.

Keyword breadth is one reason why this is the case. If there’s a ton of ways of asking the same question, you only need to write a single article answering that question in order to rank for all the keyword variations. Perhaps each variation has low search volume, but added up, the search volume is quite high.

If you ignore ZSV keywords, you could be leaving serious money on the table.

With all that said, we only provide ZSV keywords if we’ve fully vetted them and are confident they can bring in some traffic.

Nope, sorry, but hopefully you can understand. Our work is time-consuming, digital, and intangible. Not to mention, you can’t really judge a keyword’s value until you have a first page ranking for it, which could take quite a while.

We’ll deliver keywords in an Excel or Google spreadsheet.


We supply quality keywords, but can make no guarantees that you will rank for them.

That part’s up to you and your SEO prowess.

There are so many variables when it comes to how well your content ranks. Your site’s authority within the niche, the content quality, backlinks, etc. Those things are more important than the keyword you target, and they are entirely in your control – not ours.